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How to choose a padel racket?

How to choose a padel racket?

Like in any sport, it is very important to have the right equipment. But how to choose a padelracket that is best for you? That’s where we come in! We will give you all the information you need to make a good choice. There are several things you need to pay attention to. We will give information about the shape, the coating, the impact surface, the core, the thickness, the balance and the weight. These things have an effect on the control, the maneuverability and the power.


There are 3 shapes: roundteardrop and diamond.

The round shape has a low balance point and a low sweetspot. This gives you more control, a better maneuverability and also stability at impact of the ball. This shape is ideal for beginners.

The teardrop shape has a neutral balance point and a neutral sweetspot.This offers you a good mix of control and power.This is an all-round racket.

The diamond shape has a high balance point and a high sweetspot. This enables you to generate more power.This racket is ideal for advanced players and players who have an attacking style of playing .


The different zones can have different coatings.
The 2 most used coatings are fiberglass and carbon fiber.

Carbon fiber is light and gives you more control. They are more expensive and more vulnerable.

Fiberglass lasts longer and is affordable. They are heavier and offer less control.


The impact surface covers the core. This surface is made of carbon fiberfiberglass or graphite.

Several layers can be used (up to 3 layers). The number of layers will have an influence on the hardness of your racket.

3 layers don’t give as much power but are more durable. Fewer layers offer more power but won’t be as strong.


The core is made of foam or EVA rubber.
There is also a hybride version foam/EVA rubber.

Both foam and EVA rubber come in different densities.

Eva rubber is harder, so it offers more control and it is more durable. This is best fit for players that are physically strong and have a good technique.

Foam offers more power but less control. This is best fit for beginners.


The thickness of a padelracket has a range from 36 mm to 38 mm.

According the padel rules, you can’t use a racket that is thicker than 38 mm.

Juniors mostly use a thickness of 35 mm.

Beginners mostly start with 36 mm

Advanced players go fort he 38 mm.

Thin rackets offer more maneuverability and control. Thicker rackets offer more power.


Balance has an impact on power and control.

Diamond shaped rackets have a high balance point. This offers you more power but less control. These rackets are less suited for beginners because a good technique is required to be able to control the power.

Tear drop shaped rackets have a neutral balance point. These rackets offer a good mix of power and control and are ideal for regular players.

Round shaped rackets have a low balance point and are best suited for beginners.


There are 3 categories: < 365 gr, 365 – 375 gr and >375 gr.

Rackets < 365 gr are light and offer more control but less power.

Rackets from 365 gr up to 375 gr are easy to handle and are diverse.

Rackets > 375 gr offer more power but are less maneuverable.

They also offer more stability on impact of the ball.


Juniors have a specific rackets in the market. They are lightround shaped and have a thickness of 35 mm or 36 mm. When their skills and strength improve the can move up to an adult racket.
Beginners best start off with a light (<365 gr)  round shaped racket. Regular players can go for a round or tear drop shaped racket with a weight between 365 gr and 375 gr and a thickness depending on their personal preferences. Advanced players probably will already have a good idea of what kind of racket suits them best. Most of the advanced players go for a diamond shaped racket with a weight of 370 gr or more and a thickness of 38 mm.

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